Ramona Kiesnere was born on 4th of May 1966 in Riga.

Years later many people that have been met in our lives, many facts and even dates seem to have been predestined. Also this date, 4th of May in 1990 became the day when Latvia’s Independence was renewed after 50 years of occupation, becoming a day to be celebrated by the whole country.

After graduating the Riga Secondary school No 4, today known as English Grammar School, Ramona had no idea that she will later become English teacher. In Soviet times with Republic’s closed borders foreign languages did not seem to have any importance.

A classmate from the same school later became Ramona’s husband and they were raising their 4 children still being students at Universities. While participating in Red Cross Youth organization they got to know a family from Jakobstadt in Finland, with which they have contact till this day.

Jakobstadt was also the place where Ramona had the first exhibition of her paintings after finishing Latvian Art Academy. The exhibition was devoted to Pavilosta – a small, romantic village at the shore of the Baltic Sea.

After living and working in the Art school in Pavilosta for a few years, Ramona with her family moved to Salaspils, town near Riga, to renovate the husband’s heritage, family home.

While working in Riga as a teacher, Ramona was also leading the Association of Artists and Applied Art Masters “Salas Pils” to help to enrich the cultural life in Salaspils and renew the historical center of the town.

Ramona has always been active socially and besides working more than 10 years in Agenskalns State Gymnasium as English teacher, she was also writing and coordinating international European projects for this school.

She has also her studio “Radi” in Salaspils, where she teaches painting and helps people to understand the art better, to educate themselves and to enjoy the process of creating.

Many paintings of Ramona are being exhibited, sold and gifted to institutions and private persons not only in Latvia, but all over the world.
However, the biggest value for Ramona is her family – the support of her husband, her children’ s education and success, love towards her homeland, creation of orderly and esthetic environment always and everywhere around her.